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Tips to build a Sales playbook - Scott Moss (Sales Expert) - Self-Help E129

Tips to build a Sales playbook - Scott Moss (Sales Expert) - Self-Help E129

Boost your tech sales with our expert guide to build a Sales Playbook that drives growth and aligns your team for success with Scott Moss
Build a sales playbook

Tips to build a Sales playbook


Without an effective sales strategy, the efforts of the entire organisation can be a waste. You could have the best products and services, but if no one buys them, revenues will dry up. On the flip side, you can have the best sales team on the planet but if they aren't all pulling in the same direction, you will struggle to get momentum when launching a new product. 

I had the pleasure of getting some expert insights into how to build an effective sales playbook from Scott Moss. The episode provides insightful strategies for salespeople to enhance performance and for leaders to foster strong, capable sales teams.


  • Sales Pressure

  • Building a Sales Strategy

  • Sales Mission

  • Product Tagline

  • Understanding the Target Market

  • Sales Strategies

  • Sales Process and Playbook

  • Sales Team Alignment

  • Sales Leadership

  • Resources

  • Superpower

  • FAQs

🌟 Sales Pressure

The Role of Sales in an Organisation’s Survival

Sales, often considered the lifeblood of any organisation, especially in the tech sector, plays a pivotal role in survival and growth. Every transaction, every contract, and every customer interaction feeds into the broader goals of robust revenue streams and market expansion.

Overcoming Challenges through Organisation

Tech sales professionals face immense pressure, balancing clientele expectations with organisational quotas. A structured approach can significantly reduce stress, ensuring tasks such as customer follow-ups, proposal preparations, and CRM updates aren’t just done, but are completed efficiently. By maintaining a well-organised workflow, sales professionals can avoid the overwhelming backlog and focus on reaching—and surpassing—their targets.

🚀 Building a Sales Strategy

Identifying and Understanding the Market

Deep understanding of the target market, including recognising the client's needs and pain points, is crucial. For companies selling tech products or services, this could involve addressing specific technological challenges or improving business processes through innovative solutions.

Crafting Impactful Value Propositions

Once the ideal client and their requirements are clearly defined, crafting targeted value propositions is the next critical step. These should resonate well with the potential buyers, distinguishing the product from competitors by highlighting unique benefits and solutions.

🏹 Sales Mission

Setting a clear and focused sales mission ensures all sales activities align with the company’s broader objectives. This mission typically includes:

  • Defining the target industries and potential clients.

  • Developing concise and compelling value propositions.

  • Establishing measurable and achievable KPIs.

📝 Product Tagline

Creating a memorable tagline can significantly enhance brand recall. For instance, positioning a pen as, "Our pens are always right; that's why we can't rub them out," playfully asserts the product’s reliability and permanence compared to competitors.

🎯 Understanding the Target Market

To market a product effectively, sales teams need comprehensive knowledge about who will use the product and why. Tech companies, for instance, should aim to understand how their innovations fit into their clients' existing systems or how they can revolutionise traditional processes.

⚡ Sales Strategies

Tackling New and Existing Accounts

Strategies for acquiring new customers often differ from those aimed at growth through existing clients. Incorporating a multi-channel approach that includes personal interaction, digital marketing, and content strategy can be effective. For existing accounts, understanding underperformance and realigning the offering to meet more closely the clients’ needs could help deepen and expand relationships.

📘 Sales Process and Playbook

Standardising Sales Operations

Developing a Sales Playbook involves detailing strategies, tools, and processes that are practical, repeatable, and scalable. This Playbook should guide sales teams through various scenarios, from lead generation to closing deals, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all interactions.

🤝 Sales Team Alignment

Collaboration and Accountability

Ensuring that all team members are on the same page is vital for success. Regular training sessions, team meetings, and updates on the playbook can help maintain alignment. Moreover, instilling a sense of accountability helps teams stay committed to the organisation's goals.

🎖️ Sales Leadership

Leading with Vision and Integrity

Successful sales teams are often the reflection of dynamic, committed leadership. Leaders should not only be adept at setting strategic direction but also skilled in motivating the team, fostering a healthy, productive work environment, and recognising and rewarding efforts.

📚 Resources

Essential Reads for Sales Professionals

  • The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.

  • The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge.

These resources provide further insights into sales methodologies and strategies that can be integral to a tech professional's toolkit.

🌐 Superpower

Fostering Tenacity Among Sales Teams

One noticeable challenge in modern sales environments is cultivating tenacity, especially among younger team members. Building this trait can lead to more sustained effort, higher resilience, and ultimately, better sales outcomes.


Q1: How often should a Sales Playbook be updated?
A: Ideally, review and update your playbook once every quarter to keep it aligned with market needs and organisational changes.

Q2: Can small tech startups benefit from a Sales Playbook?
A: Absolutely, even more so, as it provides a structured approach to scaling their sales efforts effectively.

Q3: What’s the most critical aspect of a Sales Playbook?
A: The most crucial aspect is its alignment with the company's unique sales environment and goals, ensuring it's tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities.

Navigating the complex landscape of tech sales requires not just skill but a strategic approach encapsulated by a comprehensive Sales Playbook. By embracing these methodologies, tech professionals can enhance their productivity and propel their organisations to new heights of success.

Disclaimer: This summary was written with the help of AI


Scott founded M Sales Growth Advisors with the single mission to Empower Small Businesses to Achieve Greatness. He personally approaches each client with fresh eyes to develop unique sales strategies that leverage sales enablement tools, continuous coaching, thought leadership content, accountability to KPIs, and a defined, repeatable, and scalable sales process. He has over 25 years of direct B2B sales experience as a producer and leader. From the C-Suite to the small business owner and from the venture-funded start-up to the mature diversified enterprise, Scott understands the challenges each face, how to overcome them, and what success means. These days Scott works with leaders at growing companies to increase revenues, optimize their CRM, and operationalize sales processes. Short version: If you’re CRM isn't doing its job, the sales team is not accountable to KPIs, or there’s not a defined sales process in place… those are the problems Scott helps solve.

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