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Tips to build a Sales playbook - Scott Moss (Sales Expert) - Self-Help E129

Tips to build a Sales playbook - Scott Moss (Sales Expert) - Self-Help E129


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Without an effective sales strategy, the efforts of the entire organisation can be a waste. You could have the best products and services, but if no one buys them, revenues will dry up. On the flip side, you can have the best sales team on the planet but if they aren't all pulling in the same direction, you will struggle to get momentum when launching a new product. 

I had the pleasure of getting some expert insights into how to build an effective sales playbook from Scott Moss. The episode provides insightful strategies for salespeople to enhance performance and for leaders to foster strong, capable sales teams. Here are some of the key takeaways:

👉🏽 Organisation as a Key to Managing Sales Pressure

Sales professionals often face overwhelming targets. Scott suggests that staying organised is crucial to manage this pressure. By structuring daily and weekly tasks, using tools such as CRMs or even basic spreadsheets, salespeople can track progress towards their goals and prevent tasks from piling up, which is often the source of stress.

👉🏽 Sales Leadership Beyond Performance

Leadership in sales should not only focus on meeting targets but also on process and strategy development. Often, the best sales performers are promoted to management roles without the necessary leadership skills. Scott notes that working with CEOs and senior management can help in developing a strategic sales playbook, which is essential for guiding sales teams effectively.

👉🏽 Understanding the Target Market and Ideal Client

The foundation of a successful sales strategy starts with a deep understanding of the target market and the ideal client profile. It involves researching and understanding the problems that the product solves for the customers, why they prefer it over alternatives, and the benefits it offers.

👉🏽 The Importance of a Comprehensive Sales Strategy

Scott emphasizes the need for both new account acquisition and the growth of existing accounts. A comprehensive sales strategy should involve multi-touch, multi-channel approaches, and include relevant content and subject matter expertise. Sales processes should be repeatable, predictable, scalable, and dynamic to adapt to changing market conditions.

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[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:01:01] The Superpower of Operationalizing Sales

[00:01:40] The Challenges and Strategies of Sales

[00:04:44] Sales Operations and Process Development

[00:08:05] Crafting a Sales Strategy for a New Product

[00:08:31] Understanding Your Target Market and Ideal Client

[00:11:39] Creating a Compelling Company Tagline

[00:13:19] Strategies for New Customer Acquisition and Account Growth

[00:15:13] The Sales Playbook: Repeatable and Scalable Sales Processes

[00:16:04] The Importance of Sales Team Alignment and Leadership

[00:20:15] Recommended Resources and Final Thoughts

[00:21:35] Changing the Lack of Tenacity in Salespeople

[00:22:40] How to Connect with Scott Moss

[00:23:17] Closing Remarks and How to Connect with Paddy Dhanda


Scott founded M Sales Growth Advisors with the single mission to Empower Small Businesses to Achieve Greatness. He personally approaches each client with fresh eyes to develop unique sales strategies that leverage sales enablement tools, continuous coaching, thought leadership content, accountability to KPIs, and a defined, repeatable, and scalable sales process. He has over 25 years of direct B2B sales experience as a producer and leader. From the C-Suite to the small business owner and from the venture-funded start-up to the mature diversified enterprise, Scott understands the challenges each face, how to overcome them, and what success means. These days Scott works with leaders at growing companies to increase revenues, optimize their CRM, and operationalize sales processes. Short version: If you’re CRM isn't doing its job, the sales team is not accountable to KPIs, or there’s not a defined sales process in place… those are the problems Scott helps solve.

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