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Stop hating AI and start loving Augmented Intelligence - Sam Sammane (Author & AI Expert) - Technology E126

Explore the role of AI in tech evolution and how it enhances, not replaces, human intelligence for a smarter future with Sam Sammane
Augmented Intelligence

Stop hating AI and start loving Augmented Intelligence

In this conversation, I delve into the concept of Augmented Intelligence, where human creativity meets the computational power of AI. As a species, we’ve tended to be cautious of new technological discoveries, whether that be the printing press, the telephone, TV and Radio and now Artificial Intelligence. But as humans, we are extremely adaptable to new situations.

So should we be pushing back on AI or embracing it? I’m joined by author and AI expert Sam Sammane, where we demystify the capabilities of AI and look to a future where AI enhances, rather than replaces humans.

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🤖 AI is not truly intelligent

🧠 Differences between human and machine intelligence

🤝 Embracing AI as an augmentation tool

🚨 The danger of brain obesity

📚 Preparing for the AI era

🌐 The future of work and education

📉 The singularity and economic disruption

💸 The future of taxation

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🤖 AI is not truly intelligent

Artificial intelligence, like the well-known ChatGPT, often creates an illusion of intelligence. It operates through advanced data structures and algorithms, possessing linguistic and computational intelligence, but lacks the depth found in human cognition. AI tools are excellent for specific, narrow applications; however, they do not possess emotional intelligence, intuition, or the ability to handle diverse and complex scenarios in the way humans can.

🧠 Differences between human and machine intelligence

Human Intelligence:

  • Human intelligence encompasses a range of capabilities such as intuition, gut feelings, and the ability to make educated guesses. These elements are intricately woven into our cognitive fabric, making them nearly impossible to code into AI. Our emotional intelligence allows us to connect, understand, and empathize with others, a realm where AI cannot tread.

Machine Intelligence:

  • Machine intelligence, while impressive, remains confined to linguistic and computational tasks. It excels in processing vast amounts of information and performing tasks at speeds unattainable by humans but lacks the ability to truly 'understand' or empathize.

🤝 Embracing AI as an augmentation tool

AI should be viewed as a tool to augment, not replace, human intelligence. For instance, integrating AI like ChatGPT in tasks can begin with an intuitive concept developed by a human. AI can provide data and suggestions which are then refined through human judgment, empathy, and educated guesses to enhance the outcome. This collaborative approach leverages the speed and data-processing capabilities of AI while maintaining the essential human touch.

🚨 The danger of brain obesity

Just as physical obesity results from excessive caloric intake without adequate physical activity, brain obesity can occur when we rely too heavily on AI and neglect our cognitive functions. Overdependence on AI for creative and intellectual tasks can lead to a decline in our mental fitness, making it imperative that we continue to engage our brains in complex thinking and problem-solving.

📚 Preparing for the AI era

To thrive in an AI-augmented world, continuous learning and reliance on our innate human superpowers—intuition, empathy, and love—are crucial. Employing methods like "Higher Human AI Augmentation" can blend AI's capabilities with human intuition. This approach not only maintains but enhances our human qualities in a technology-driven landscape.

🌐 The future of work and education

The nature of work and education is bound to evolve with the increasing integration of AI. Jobs may transform, and some may become obsolete due to automation. The educational system must shift from rote knowledge accumulation to fostering critical thinking, creativity, and intuition—skills where humans excel and AI cannot replicate.

📉 The singularity and economic disruption

The concept of 'economic singularity' suggests a future where the need for human labour drastically decreases due to advanced AI and automation. This shift could lead to significant social and economic changes, potentially requiring new forms of economic structures like universal basic income and a redefinition of work that emphasizes human-centric jobs.

💸 The future of taxation

As AI transforms economic structures, traditional taxation systems may become outdated. The idea of abolishing taxes in favour of new models that leverage AI to manage economies effectively is gaining ground. Such innovations could drastically alter how governmental revenues are generated and utilised.

ℹ️ Resources

For those interested in exploring more about AI and its implications, Sam's upcoming book, "The Singularity of Hope," and his website ( offer valuable insights and updates. Additionally, subscribing to the "trxa" newsletter provides daily information about the latest developments in AI and technology.

❓ FAQs

Q: What is augmented intelligence? A: Augmented intelligence refers to the use of AI to enhance human intelligence, combining the best of computational capabilities with human cognitive strengths.

Q: Can AI replace human intelligence? A: While AI can replicate certain aspects of human intelligence, such as computation and data processing, it lacks the emotional depth, intuition, and empathy that characterize human intelligence.

Q: How can we prepare for an AI-dominated future? A: Continual learning, fostering intuition, and integrating AI tools responsibly into our workflows can prepare us for a future where AI plays a significant role.

Q: What changes may AI bring to the workplace? A: AI is likely to automate routine and repetitive tasks, shift the nature of some jobs, and require new skills focused on human-interaction and high-level problem-solving.

In conclusion, as we stand on the brink of a new age where AI shapes many aspects of life, understanding and embracing its potential to augment human intelligence is crucial. By combining AI's computational excellence with human creativity and empathy, we can forge a future that respects and enhances both machine efficiency and human dignity.

Disclaimer: This summary has been written with the help of AI

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Sam Sammane (Author & AI Expert)

Sam Sammane, born Ghiath AL SAMMANE, envisions a world where the rapid advancements in AI and technology are harnessed for the greater good, leading to a new age of global prosperity. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple success exits, and academician with a rich blend of expertise in applied physics, digital circuit design, nanotechnology, formal methods, life science, and business.

Holding a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Applied Physics, a Master’s in Digital Circuit Design, and a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology, Sam has authored several articles on high-order logic, symbolic simulation, and automatic theorem proving. He is the author of the upcoming book, “The Singularity of Hope”, which aims to guide readers through the challenges and opportunities of the AI era, advocating for a harmonious fusion of human intelligence and machine capabilities.

Beyond the academic realm, Sam has co-founded and led multiple successful companies in the life sciences, IT and real estate industries. He resides in southern California with his wife and three daughters.



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