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Power of human energy - June Edward (Energy Expert) - Self-Help E131

Power of human energy - June Edward (Energy Expert) - Self-Help E131

June Edward (Energy Expert)

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June discusses the power of human energy, its impact on personal and professional relationships, and how understanding and manipulating this energy can lead to significant improvements in communication, function, and productivity. Our conversation explores the concept of humans as energetic beings, the power of vibration and frequency, near-death experiences (NDEs), and the transformative potential of connecting with one's soul to alter life's trajectory.

We explore June's personal journey of death, rebirth, and the lessons learned from the other side offers a compelling narrative that bridges quantum physics with spiritual enlightenment, providing listeners with a unique perspective on life, death, and the unseen forces that shape our existence.

Key Takeaways:

👉🏽 Human Beings as Energetic Magnets: We are constantly attracting or repelling experiences and individuals based on our vibrational frequency. Adjusting this frequency can fundamentally change one's life path.

👉🏽 Power of Vibration and Frequency: Higher vibrations, associated with states of love and joy, can enhance one's connection to the soul and the universe, impacting our reality and relationships.

👉🏽 Impact of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs): NDEs can offer profound insights into the non-physical dimensions of existence, suggesting that consciousness persists beyond physical death, and highlighting the importance of soul connection.

👉🏽 Fear and Decision Making: Moving beyond fear-based decision-making, by connecting with one's soul, can lead to more authentic and fulfilling choices, aligning with one's true path and purpose.


[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:01:01] Understanding Energy and Its Impact

[00:02:42] Changing Your Frequency and Vibration

[00:03:45] The Power of the Soul and Near Death Experiences

[00:05:21] The Role of Fear and Decision Making

[00:06:46] The Afterlife and Its Influence

[00:13:52] Understanding the Universe and Its Signals

[00:16:31] The Reality of Higher and Lower Vibrational Entities

[00:19:47] A Shift in Beliefs and Philosophy on Life

[00:20:27] Understanding Reincarnation and Karma

[00:22:54] Types of Relationships and Their Lessons

[00:25:35] The Five Life Lessons We're Here to Learn

[00:29:20] Understanding Energy, Balance, and Patience

[00:32:15] Enhancing Psychic Abilities and Connecting with the Other Side

[00:33:46] The History and Suppression of Psychic Abilities

[00:36:06] The Psychic Connection Between Mothers and Children

[00:37:20] Final Reflections and Advice

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June Edward (Energy Expert)

June Edward, Energy Master, has unique insights into the power of energy to positively impact relationships on both a personal and a professional level and believes this power can be harnessed and utilized to help businesses, leaders, and teams to improve their overall communication, function, and productivity. June believes these important principles can help individuals to have better interpersonal skills for an improved work and home atmosphere. June has extensive corporate experience, growing up in a family owned business, and owning her own successful businesses for many years. Having a unique near-death experience at the age of 27, June felt she was given the option to stay in the after-life environment or to return - and make a difference in the lives of others. Her unique insights from this NDE have given her the ability to see solutions others may miss and distinctive tools to help utilize the energy around them to improve outcomes in both their personal and professional lives. June is a sought-after speaker on this important and revelatory topic. As an award winning author, June’s Books: Dancing with the Universe, All’s Fair in Love & Karma, The Destiny Card Journal, and A Night on the Other Side, are all available at

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