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Power of human energy to boost productivity - June Edward (Energy Expert) - Self-Help E131

Power of human energy to boost productivity - June Edward (Energy Expert) - Self-Help E131

Discover how June Edward unlocks the secrets of human energy to boost productivity, relationships, and personal growth.
human energy to boost productivity

Power of human energy to boost productivity

June Edward, an energy expert, gives her insights on how human energy impacts relationships, communication, productivity, and personal growth, providing transformative pathways for technology professionals and beyond.

🌌 Contents

  • Energy and Its Effects

  • Raising Your Vibration

  • Near-Death Experience

  • Souls and the Other Side

  • Brain vs. Soul

  • Angels and Guides

  • Other Side Entities

  • Reincarnation and Soul Groups

  • Five Lessons to Learn

  • Types of Relationships

  • Developing Psychic Abilities

  • Why It’s Not Mainstream

  • Advice for the Younger Self

🌐 Energy and Its Effects

June Edward brings a simple yet profound assertion to the table: we are all beings of energy. This isn't about the physical suit we wear; rather, it's about the entity of energy pulsating within us. Understanding this, she posits that we are continually in a state of either repelling or attracting energies, much like magnets. This phenomenon is governed by what she calls our "frequency." Changing this frequency, as you would tune a radio station, can vastly alter the types of people and situations we attract into our lives.

🌟 Raising Your Vibration

The concept of energy not only encapsulates our interactions but ties deeply with the concept of vibration. The highest vibrational state, as per June, is love. Accessing this high frequency is less about the external and more about an inward journey to connect with one's soul. Here, one finds the crux of energy mastery—your soul represents a fragment of your physical being yet resonates on the 5th dimension, orchestrating life with a vibrational echo that surpasses ordinary existence.

⚡ Near-Death Experience

Edward’s personal narrative of dying at 27 during a routine procedure adds a hauntingly vivid layer to her teachings. Propelled into the 5th dimension, she experienced what she describes as a 'life review', facing a definitive choice between staying beyond or returning. Her choice to return was fuelled by love and responsibility toward her children, illustrating the potent tether between our spiritual and earthly existences.

👻 Souls and the Other Side

Post-NDE, June describes a heightened state of vibrational awareness where she could connect instantly with the other side. Yet, maintaining such a high vibration in the mundane world is challenging. The soul, she explains, is timeless, traversing through various lifetimes and accumulating wisdom, which shapes our experiences and choices unconsciously.

🧠 Brain vs. Soul

In the duel between the cerebral and the soulful, the brain often defaults to creating fear as a protective mechanism. However, decisions rooted in fear are on shaky ground. June advocates for a deeper communion with the soul to make decisions from a place of 'knowing', which she assures will lead to more fulfilling outcomes.

👼 Angels and Guides

Angels, as per June's insight, are distinct entities committed to aiding humanity but are bound by one law—they cannot intervene without consent. This revelation beckons a more active engagement with the ethereal, suggesting that help is only a request away.

😈 Other Side Entities

The spectrum of entities on the other side is vast, from high vibrational beings who have transcended to the light, to lower vibrational entities and even demons. Each interacts with our world under different circumstances, impacting us in myriad unseen ways.

🔄 Reincarnation and Soul Groups

Reincarnation is a journey not undertaken alone but with a soul group under the guidance of an Archangel. The cycle, which spans centuries, sees souls returning to physical form to fulfil karmic debts, learn lessons, and, intriguingly, enjoy earthly pleasures.

📚 Five Lessons to Learn

The earthly journey is punctuated by lessons central to spiritual evolution: self-worth, trust and communication, unconditional love, money and balance, and patience. Each lesson interlocks, creating a comprehensive blueprint for personal development and spiritual fulfillment.

💔 Types of Relationships

Human connections are categorised into karmic, soulmate, and twin flame relationships, each serving distinct purposes in our soul’s journey. While karmic relationships teach lessons, soulmate connections offer comfort and growth, and twin flames disrupt and realign our life paths profoundly.

🔮 Developing Psychic Abilities

Contrary to mainstream skepticism, psychic and mediumship abilities are innate and can be developed further through practice and guidance. June encourages seeking educational resources to enhance these abilities, which are pivotal in navigating life aligned with the soul’s purpose.

❓ Why It’s Not Mainstream

The esoteric knowledge of energy dynamics has often been sidelined by mainstream culture, labelled as 'witchcraft' or shrouded in mystery, often due to fear of its power. However, a rising interest in spiritual awakening signals a collective shift towards embracing these ancient wisdoms.

🎈 Advice for the Younger Self

Reflecting on her journey, June advises her younger self to trust her instincts, not to sweat the small stuff, and to relish life’s journey. This nugget of wisdom is poignant for any reader, reminding us that amidst life's complexities, the joy of living should never be overshadowed.


June Edward’s journey and insights provide a remarkable testament to the unexplored potentials of human energy. In a world increasingly run by automated systems and artificial intelligence, rediscovering and harnessing this intrinsic power can lead to more profound interpersonal connections and self-discovery. As we continue to navigate our professional and personal lives, let us consider how tuning into our energetic frequency might just be the key to a richer, more fulfilling existence.


Q: How can I start raising my vibration today? A: Begin by practicing mindfulness and meditation to connect deeply with your soul. Cultivate feelings of love and gratitude daily, as these emotions resonate at high frequencies.

Q: Are psychic abilities real? A: Yes, according to June Edward and other practitioners, everyone possesses innate psychic and mediumship abilities which can be developed with practice and guidance.

Q: Can understanding human energy improve workplace dynamics? A: Absolutely. Recognising and respecting the energies of others can enhance communication, foster empathy, and boost overall productivity in any professional setting.

Exploring the realms of human energy with June Edward not only illuminates paths to personal growth but also opens gateways to understanding the intricate dance of energies that influences our daily lives.

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June Edward (Energy Expert)

June Edward, Energy Master, has unique insights into the power of energy to positively impact relationships on both a personal and a professional level and believes this power can be harnessed and utilized to help businesses, leaders, and teams to improve their overall communication, function, and productivity. June believes these important principles can help individuals to have better interpersonal skills for an improved work and home atmosphere. June has extensive corporate experience, growing up in a family owned business, and owning her own successful businesses for many years. Having a unique near-death experience at the age of 27, June felt she was given the option to stay in the after-life environment or to return - and make a difference in the lives of others. Her unique insights from this NDE have given her the ability to see solutions others may miss and distinctive tools to help utilize the energy around them to improve outcomes in both their personal and professional lives. June is a sought-after speaker on this important and revelatory topic. As an award winning author, June’s Books: Dancing with the Universe, All’s Fair in Love & Karma, The Destiny Card Journal, and A Night on the Other Side, are all available at

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