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How to make art that sells - Carina Gardner (Craft Designer) - Creativity E133

How to make art that sells - Carina Gardner (Craft Designer) - Creativity E133

Carina Gardner (Craft Designer) How to make art that sells

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The Power of Creativity: Making Art That Sells

Today’s guest Carina Gardner, a successful designer and author shares her insights into the world of art, design and creativity. She highlights the undervalued state of art departments in universities and stresses the importance of combining artistic and business skills. She introduces her book 'Make Art that Sells', and outlines her formulated strategy for successful art-making which includes sales vehicles, volume, time and pivots or adjustments.

Carina also mentions her successful ventures in the realm of digital design and her advocacy for manual, hand-drawn art over AI-created artwork. She provides advice for aspiring creatives, maintains that AI cannot match human creativity and urges for art to be made more humanizing.

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00:00 Introduction: The Struggles of Art Students

01:33 Carina's Background and Journey into Art

02:20 The Importance of Art in Everyday Life

04:36 The Inspiration Behind Carina's New Book

04:57 The Challenges Faced by Art Students

05:20 The Importance of Business Skills in Art

06:57 The Make Art That Sells Formula

09:01 Understanding Your Customers

14:33 The Role of AI in Art

21:00 The Future of Creativity in the Age of AI

27:42 Conclusion: The Power of Creativity

Carina Gardner (Craft Designer)

Carina is a surface pattern and craft designer turned CEO, who teaches hobbyists to make money as designers. As a former university professor (Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota) and creative director of a scrapbooking company (Cartabella Paper Co.), her expertise led her to build a multimillion dollar brand in 2 years. She teaches quilters, makers, struggling designers, card makers, fine artists, mixed media artists, and Cricut/Silhouette crafters to create income with the hobbies they already invest time in. Carina is a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designer and a die cut designer for Silhouette and can speak as well on working with manufacturers and getting contracts. Her favorite topic, however, is on helping designers create steady income from selling their work digitally. Her program Design Suite grew to a multimillion dollar business in less than 3 years due to Carina emphasizing community building, listening to members needs, and building coursework/awards that members love. She loves creative entrepreneurship and helping designers make money.

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