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Get over writer's block for tech people - Dr Nicole Janz - Self-Help E135

Get over writer's block for tech people - Dr Nicole Janz - Self-Help E135

Everything tech people need to know to write blogs, books and journalling

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Dr Nicole Jantz shares her transformative journey from academia at Cambridge University to become a writer's coach, advocating for the therapeutic and strategic advantages of writing, including the unique practice of automatic writing. Nicole also shares actionable strategies for tech people to enhance their writing skills, from blogging to book writing, and how to harness AI as a tool for creativity.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. The Importance of Writing: Writing isn't just about communication; it's a tool for self-discovery and clarity. It helps in setting intentions, understanding personal goals, and even solving complex problems by connecting with our inner wisdom.

  2. Automatic Writing: This practice offers a pathway to tapping into our subconscious, providing insights and solutions that our conscious mind might overlook. It's about getting into a meditative state and letting the subconscious flow onto the page, which can be particularly beneficial for decision-making and creativity.

  3. Embracing AI in Writing: AI should be viewed as a complement to human creativity, not a replacement. It can provide inspiration, help with brainstorming, and even assist in drafting content. However, the authentic voice and unique insights of the human author are irreplaceable.


[00:00:00] The Importance of Writing in Tech

[00:01:10] Nicole's Superpower: Automatic Writing

[00:04:21] Nicole's Journey: From Journalism to Writing Coach

[00:11:44] The Power of Automatic Writing

[00:24:13] Exploring Blogging and Book Writing

[00:35:11] Embracing AI in Writing

[00:37:36] Nicole's Wish: Abolishing Overthinking

[00:38:59] Connecting with Nicole for Writing Insights

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Dr Nicole Janz helps authors, academics and entrepreneurs identify their key message, overcome their blocks, and publish their books. As a former journalist, academic and coach, Nicole is passionate about the transformative power of writing to make a wide impact in the world. She’s the author of The Write Habit Planner ( and you can schedule a free writing coaching consult at Download your free Book Starter Kit here: 

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