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E81: Self-Help - Harness the Power of Self-Reflection with the Critical Self-Reflection Technique - Claudia Filsinger (Coach)

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Paddy Dhanda
If knowledge is power, then learning is a superpower. Research shows the average professional invests just 1% (24 mins) of their time per week in formal learning. In each episode, I explore a new superpower to help you unleash your human potential in the age of AI. Join Paddy Dhanda for a regular dose of inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and practitioners to help you build your human skills for the future. Learn about empathy, collaboration, creativity, agility, productivity, leadership, coaching and many more…
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In each episode, Paddy Dhanda deep dives into a new human Superpower and practical advice on how you can apply it immediately. ⚑️ Harness the Power of Self-Reflection with the Critical Self-Reflection Technique Self-reflection is an important part of personal development, and it can be a powerful tool for growth and transformation. Critical self-reflection is a coaching technique that can help people gain insight into their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By taking the time to critically reflect, individuals can gain greater self-awareness, develop better coping strategies, and work toward achieving their goals. This blog will explore the power of critical self-reflection and how it can be used to improve your life. Claudia Filsinger (Coach) Claudia Filsinger is the Founder of Moving Maps Ltd, an international business consultancy offering emerging experiential problem solving and systemic coaching methods that change mental maps. As well as being a workshop facilitator and executive coach herself, she also trains and supervises other coaches and publishes regularly about coaching. πŸ‘‰ Podcast Website: https://www.superpowers.school/ πŸ‘‰ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/paddydhanda/ πŸ‘‰ Contact Paddy at: pardeep_dhanda (at) hotmail.com β˜… BUY ME KO-FI β˜… If you enjoy the podcast, then you can donate a small amount here as a token of your appreciation: Β https://ko-fi.com/paddydhanda --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/superpowers-school/message