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Embrace the Hidden Superpower of Creativity - Said Saddouk

Embrace the Hidden Superpower of Creativity - Said Saddouk

Unleash your hidden superpower with creative thinking & embrace endless possibilities in life. Discover how creativity can empower and transform your journey with Said Saddouk

Embrace the Hidden Superpower of Creativity

If you look at any reputable future of work report, creativity is a critical soft skill we should all look to embrace. But most people associate creativity with the arts. Yet it's a hidden superpower that every profession requires to enable us to come up with new ideas.

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of exploring the superpower of creativity with the amazing Said Saddouk (aka The Facilitainer) and here are some of the key takeaways from the episode.

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🧠 Understanding Creativity: It's in Everyone

Sir Ken Robinson defines creativity succinctly as "the process of having original thoughts that have value." It isn't about painting the next Mona Lisa; it's about innovation and problem-solving in any field, from software engineering to general management. This broader understanding empowers individuals in seemingly uncreative professions to realise their potential for innovative thinking and problem-solving.

🎤 Meet Said Saddouk: The Facilitainer

Said Saddouk, a self-described 'facilitainer' (a blend of facilitator and entertainer), thrives on making learning engaging and fun. His primary focus is not to teach but to capacitate and equip educators and facilitators with the tools they need to excel, particularly in the virtual environments that have become prevalent post-pandemic.

🌟 The Essence and Impact of Creativity in Everyday Life

For Said, creativity is a continuum that extends into every aspect of life, including daily routines like cooking. He views creativity as the essence of life, stating, "It's about how you define creativity, and for me, it's inherent." By embracing his creativity, Said finds joy and inspiration in everything he does, constantly infusing creativity into his work, whether through humour, wordplay, or innovative educational tools.

📚 The Roots of Creativity: A Look into Said's Childhood

From a very young age, Said was discernibly creative. Being the smallest and often underestimated in his class, he quickly realised the power of humour as a defence mechanism and a way to stand out. This early recognition of his creative abilities, particularly in using humour to navigate social dynamics, played a significant role in shaping his approach to both personal and professional life.

😄 Humour: A Pure Form of Creativity

Humour, according to Said, is one of the purest forms of creativity. It's about taking ordinary words and transforming them into something entertaining or profound. This ability to manipulate language not only entertains but also enriches the educational experiences he designs, making learning a delightful endeavour.

🌐 Inspiration and the Creative Process

Inspiration for Said can strike anywhere, from a casual conversation to a snippet of a YouTube video. His creative process involves quickly capturing these sparks of inspiration, which often start with a pun or an interesting wordplay. This approach emphasises the importance of immediate and instinctive reactions to inspiration, allowing for a dynamic flow of ideas that are continuously refined through trial and error.

🎵 The Role of Music and Comedy in Fueling Creativity

Said finds musical lyrics, especially from rap, and comedy to be fertile grounds for creative inspiration. The complex wordplay and rhythms in rap music and the intelligent humour of comedy shows provide him with a continuous stream of creative stimuli, enhancing his ability to conjure up new and exciting ideas and educational tools.

🗣 The Influence of People and Conversations

Engaging with people, whether through planned meetings or random conversations, sparks new ideas for Said. These interactions allow him to see different perspectives and inspire new thoughts, highlighting the essence of creativity as a collaborative and ever-evolving process.

🤖 Integrating AI in Creative Processes

While Said uses AI tools like ChatGPT for language refinement, he finds greater value in using AI to challenge and expand his thinking rather than relying on it for answers. This approach underscores the importance of human oversight in harnessing AI's capabilities, ensuring that creativity remains a distinctly human attribute.

✋ The Importance of Human Touch in Creation

Despite the conveniences of modern technology, Said values the human touch in creations, whether it's hand-drawn art or crafted objects. He believes these items carry a distinct character and essence that mass-produced items lack, showcasing the irreplaceable value of personal effort and creativity.

❓ Abolishing Time Zones and Embracing Open Conversations

Said humorously suggests abolishing time zones for a day to enhance global connectivity and insists on the importance of maintaining active cameras and unmute buttons during virtual meetings to foster better communication and engagement.

📚 Further Learning and Exploration

"Workshops Work" by Miriam Hadnes, a treasure trove of insights for facilitators, and "StarTalk" with Neil deGrasse Tyson, blending the wonders of the universe with humour and wit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is creativity?

    • Creativity is the ability to produce original and valuable ideas. It's not just about arts and crafts but extends to problem-solving and innovation in any field.

  2. How can I become more creative?

    • Engage with diverse sources of information, indulge in different forms of art, interact with various people, and always be open to new experiences.

  3. Is creativity only important in the arts?

    • No, creativity is crucial in every sector. It aids in problem-solving, enhances decision-making, and can lead to innovation in fields like technology, business, and education.

  4. Can creativity be developed?

    • Absolutely. Like any other skill, creativity can be honed with practice, exposure to creative environments, and by challenging oneself to think outside the box.

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