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Paddy Dhanda comes from the city of the Peaky Blinders, Birmingham. He has gone from Programming Geek to Agile Practitioner (since 2004) to Chief Doodler as a visual thinker.

Paddy is passionate about learning and helping others succeed and aspires to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Paddy’s career highlights include:

- Currently Agile Practice Director at the UK’s largest tech training organisation.

- Former Head of Agile Learning for Deutsche Bank where he rolled out Agile education to over 100k agilists.

- Co-hosts a global Visual Thinking Meetup consisting of over 1.5k members.

- Creator of Jungle Scrum (a fun and interactive innovation workshop). 

- Setup Deutsche Bank’s first Product Ownership function on a £100m tech transformation programme.

- Led and served a Community of Practice of 2k Business Analysts and helped to grow the Agility Guild to over 5k practitioners at Deutsche Bank.

- Former IIBA UK Communities Director

- Realised a lifelong ambition to make Graduate recruitment assessments more fun. Successfully re-designed the Tech graduate assessment approach at Deutsche Bank to focus on Agile behaviours through playfulness and Lego.

- Worked on one of the world’s largest Agile failures totalling over £2 Billion – Universal Credit (UK government’s flagship Agile transformation programme).

- Developed one of the world’s first VOIP number management systems at BT.

Paddy also presents at conferences all over the world...

Looking For A Guest Speaker?

Benjamin Franklin is famously quoted as saying "in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes." If he were alive today, he would probably have added the word 'change' to that quote. Change has become the new norm in everything we do, both personally and in the business world. Paddy is passionate about helping people build better human skills for the future. 

He regularly speaks at conferences and corporate events on the topic of agility using his own unique engaging style. He has spoken at the world IIBA conference, BCS events, HR conferences, Scrum Alliance events, University of Birmingham and many more... Some of the titles of previous talks / workshops include:

  • Master Agile Through An Epic Adventure (Workshop)
  • Product Ownership Essentials (Workshop)
  • Master User Stories (Workshop)
  • Building A Learning Culture For Agility
  • Communities Of Practice: The Secret Sauce
  • Shift From Business Analysis To Product Ownership
  • Visual Thinking Superpowers For Agilists
  • Winning Hearts & Minds: An Epic Visual Thinking Adventure
  • Crafty Icebreakers & Energisers : Create engagement using visual games and other fun stuff!
  • Visual Thinking Superpowers For Product Ownership
  • Interview with HR Revolution: Click Here

If you are looking for a speaker to provide an engaging, playful, fun workshop or talk on Agility or Visual Thinking, then please get in touch via the Contact option or email Paddy directly pardeep_dhanda@hotmail.com.



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